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Cold Water Therapy

SURF EXPEDITION. Three surfers—Remy, Josh, and Jake—have had enough of the crowded surf spots of their Australian homeland. Their search for empty waves takes them to the other side of the world—to Alaska, in the middle of a frozen winter. There they rely on the experience of an old sea captain who knows the area like the back of his hand and has been leading surfing guests to the best spots for years with his fishing boat Milo. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains, glaciers, and ice floes, the adventure of a lifetime begins for the three sun-kissed surfers. With snowstorms, seasickness, and cold feet, many new challenges await, yet Remy, Josh, and Jake can't wait to jump into the icy water.  

Best of int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 8

This film is part of the BEST OF Int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 8 and available to watch on Outdoor Cinema!

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