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Chasing the Thunder – Ocean Warriors

The illegal fishing trawler “Thunder” was making dirty millions for ten years – right until the ocean activists of Sea Shepherd caught sight of it. For more than 10,000 miles the Sea Shepherd vessels, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon, chase the poachers across international waters to put a stop to the killing of protected wild life. CHASING THE THUNDER is a real-life thriller in rough seas - an epic 110-day sea chase across three oceans and two seas, where an international crew and two fearless captains proof that conviction and resilience will make a difference where governments fail.

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Breaking the law, the trawler “Thunder” makes its biggest haul with mile-long gill nets: The protected tooth fish is a big seller on the market. Taking out this apex predator puts an entire eco system at risk. So far the illegal poaching business has flourished in remote places like the Ross Sea, unchecked and uninhibited by any law enforcement. Fortunately, there are people like the 34-year-old Peter Hammarstedt, who make ocean protection their personal endeavor. With his international crew the Swedish Sea Shepherd activist fights for the compliance of international laws at the helm of his vessel, the Bob Barker. Where the world’s nations fail to protect the planet, Sea Shepherd tracks down illegal fishing vessels and provides Interpol with the crucial evidence needed to persecute the poachers. CHASING THE THUNDER is the gripping account of an ocean adventure with a higher purpose, illustrating how much dedication and grit is necessary to protect our oceans and what a group of persistent individuals can achieve. 

© Simon Ager

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