View from a Blue Moon

Hawaii: The ultimate surfer’s paradise and John Florence’s birthplace – in other words the perfect playground to become a champion of the waves. Now John teams up with his closest friends and fellow surfers to discover the world’s best surf spots. From the South Pacific to South Africa - John manages to steal away from the competition of surfing time after time to rediscover surfing in its purest form. Incredible rides paired with action shots in 4K quality make „View From A Blue Moon“ the best surf movie of the season.

Jack Johnson - Seasick Dream
Arafúra - Humores IV: Melaina Cholè
Joywave - Tongues
The Barr Brothers - Half crazy
Kishi Bashi - Hahaha Pt.2
Glass Animals - Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)
Happy Jawbone Family Band - Fireflies made out of dust

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