The Crystal Labyrinth

The Bahamas are famous for their white beaches and the world’s deepest „blue holes“. Few people know that there is also a vast system of underwater caves hidden beneath the open forests of islands. And according to divers Brian Kakuk and Brett Hemphill the most interesting diving spots are not be found offshore but below the surface. The biggest part of the underground labyrinth ist still waiting to be discovered. That’s why Brian and Brett need bright lamps and strong nerves to bring lights into the darkness. Even though they are looking back on years of experience and a lot of technical know-how, every single dive into the unknown is an adventure.


Forest At Night 2 - Alex Arcoleo
Below the Abyss - Bob Holroyd
Beyond Beauty - Assaf Rinde
Underworld Pulse - Daniel Pemberton
Long March To Dixie 7 (60) - Lincoln Grounds; Thomm Jutz
Final Dawn - Gresby Nash

Best of int. OCEAN FILM TOUR Volume 2 (English)

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